KST V6 Walkie talkie Battery

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Product Details of " KST V6 Walkie talkie Battery "

1500mAh li-ion battery for KST V6 Maldol V6 KST-245 ICOM IC-V89 IC-V87 TYT-800 TH-446 TYT-900 LUTHOR TL11 with Belt Clip


Voltage: 7.4 V
Capacitor: 150 0 mAh li-ion battery



Applicable radio:

KST V6 KST-245


Maldol V6 luthor's TL11 TL-11

TYT-800 TH-446 TYT-900

Package Included:

1pc x battery
1pc x belt clip


Battery features:

1. Uses the highest quality stepped and sequential battery cells.
2. It provides excellent discharge properties.
3. High impact ABS and polycarbonate plastic polymers for durability.
4. Comprehensive testing, including high altitude performance, vibration, mechanical shock, thermal bike, external short circuit and overcharge test simulations.


1. light

2. high capacity

3. top quality materials

4. Fast delivery: within 3-7days

5. intrinsically safe battery if necessary

6. shockproof design

7. double protection PCM

8. short circuit protection

9. ultrasonic sealing technology

10. security, small probability leak




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